Striving for India's innovation and sustainability with RVCR technology

Technology improvements are now a key factor in economic growth and competitiveness in today’s globalised society. Industries from a variety of sectors are continuously looking for novel solutions to increase their profitability, quality, and efficiency. 


Dependence on imports or foreign innovations, however, might ultimately be unsafe and expensive. Since it has the capacity to spur the growth and prosperity of the entire country, domestic technology development has grown in importance for industries in the current situation.

India has made remarkable advancements in a number of scientific and technological sectors but it hasn’t yet created its own engines, compressors and turbines. However, a recent invention in the field of kinematics mechanism, “RVCR (Rotary Variable Compression Ratio)”, has the capacity to change this scenario, making it possible for the next generation of IC engines and engineering machines to be of Indian origin. The vehicle and power generation industries will be greatly impacted as the issue of finding engines appropriate for unconventional, non-fossil fuel sources has been resolved by this invention. The adaptability & ability of the RVCR technology make it appropriate for a variety of additional products, such as biomedical devices, metering equipment, dosing devices, and more. The RVCR technology can improve the efficiency of various machines, leading to smaller, lighter, and more environmentally friendly products.

The development of indigenous technology in India can provide various benefits, including improved reputation, economic growth, increased export potential, greater control over technology development, reduced dependence on foreign technologies, enhanced creativity and technical advancement within the country. The Indian industrial ecosystem could be completely transformed by the recently developed RVCR technology in the realm of kinematics mechanism. This innovation has the potential to demonstrate India’s ability to build its own technology and achieve strategic independence, growth, and wealth.

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