RVCR – a new dimension in ‘zero carbon’ technologies.

The route to Zero Carbon reality

The global Transport and power industry are focusing on Electrification of light vehicles, Green-Fuel, and Renewable energy, as mainstay strategies for adapting to environmental market drivers. Though these solutions have been pursued for long now, yet they are not widely implemented due to inherent technology limitations. We have developed RVCR technology, based on globally patented concept in ‘Mechanisms of Energy Conversion’, that bridges this gap. RVCR is a seed concept that outputs new breed of green Primemovers (wind, Hydro motors/ Green-fuel Engines/ Electric motors) for across sector applications to enable rapid implementation of newer long-term Climate Regulation compliance strategies. We provide the technological and business operations support services to clients in designing, developing, and commercializing newer products powered by RVCR technology based green Primemovers.

About RVCR

RVCR is based on a novel concept invention in ‘Mechanisms of Energy-Conversion’ used in Primemovers (Machines which converts energy in Wind, Hydro, green fuels etc. into Drive force). Current Primemovers (I.C.Engines, Electric Motors, Turbines etc.) are based on either ‘Slider-Crank’ or ‘Rotary’ mechanism. These machines are saturated at peak ceiling efficiency from incremental refinement since they were invented about a century ago and unable to cope-up with demands for ever stricter climate regulations. RVCR Mechanism simplifies the energy conversion process seeding new breed of Primemovers, with lower carbon-footprint, whilst delivering leap in Efficiency . It enables new adaptive features to deal with environmental challenges by combining the performance advantage of rotary motors and positive displacement mechanism We have developed the base know-how and have initiated individual dedicated projects for developing RVCR Technology for specific industry applications.

Why RVCR now?

Forceful societal pressures towards sustainable and lower carbon goals are leading to trillions in investments for large-scale diversification into Green/Renewable energy sources. We see massive investments made in European Super Grid to converge power from renewable energy generated across vast expanse of time zones, for streamlining power demand and supply and reducing reverse spinning margin. Similarly, Green energy source count is increasing, however the critical constraining points in the energy jugulars that registers losses are the node points of energy conversion. Fractional improvement here has a great impact in the cumulative systemic efficiency. RVCR technological innovation is the key to this energy-to-power-to-work exchange and stands as a unified solution applicable to the entire transport and Energy ecosystem. RVCR stands as an enabler technology based on superior Physics in energy conversion at a crucial juncture in time when conventional mechanism has exhausted all means of any substantial efficiency improvement and are saturating at their theoretical ceiling limits. RVCR’s success now will see the timely maturation of new solutions, clearing the road for next-gen Primemover, to add the missing component for achieving ‘Net Zero Carbon Emission 2050’ goals ‘with ease’.