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We provide Project Planning and Management Services for RVCR Prototype and Pilot Products Development Project.

The Project Execution capability is the most fundamental and essential of all competencies for achieving the eventual Commercial Goals. The success of the entire techno-commercial proposition depends on timely execution of all the constituent activities (IPR agreement; D&D Services; Product development Project etc.) depend on immaculate planning and execution.

GYATK develops customised Project Plan to provide complete layout of the Project process flow at a predefined point in commercial engagement, under confidentiality terms) best suited to take the project to its logical conclusion.

The Background

Prime-Mover development Projects involve thousands of activities by several departments of engineering where multiple activities are connected and dependent on each other in a complex web, which must be planned and tracked to ensure efficient project process flow. These activities are carried out by several personnel in various capacities and interact over individual/group meetings for reporting activity progress, its difficulties, bottlenecks, and for requisitioning of resources required.

We at GYATK have fine-tuned the Project process Plan and Planning expertise through our experience in RVCR Technology Development Process and have formulated a base Plan layout which is adapted and customised for specific product projects.

The entire Project activity plan and its resource requirement, over the project period, is captured for managing a controlled process flow. The plan provisions the definitive roles, responsibilities, competence requirement, protocols, procedures, instructions, and formats etc. The Project Plan is laterally integrated with PLM and TOMS for design data documentation and control and Operations process standardization. This expertise of streamlining of the entire project processes is built over years and is customized for each project.

The synchronous orchestration of Engineering activities using various custom design Modules are scheduled to optimize on time, effort and cost. The plan includes Budgetary provisioning of the complete Project Process to be mapped in advance and manage complete transparency in Project finance.

This service helps Client’s procuring IPR for commercial sale of RVCR Technology Products to maximize the time advantage of commercial exclusivity by executing the Product development in shortest stipulated time.

Project Execution & Management

GYATK uses its expertise and custom developed tool for effective management and control of prosses for execution of the Project.

  • Pre-licensing assessment program for evaluation of the entire business case for the Licensee.
  • TOMS (Technology Operations and Management System) This tool is for Standardised ‘Design Process and DATA’ documenting and control system complying to ISO standards to cover for Open Innovation structure and Experience within client’s business.
  • D&D consultancy and servicers expertise and Administrative structure for the requirements of custom requirement of RVCR Technology based Pilot Product Development.
  • Pilot Prototype/Product Project plan and tracking of the project pace and timely resource allocation through the project course.
  • A program to integrate TOMS and Project Plan with PLM system for effective management of D&D operations and control.
  • To include checks and balances for addressing omissions in the IPR Agreement at Latter part of the Agreement.

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The Business operations required for adopting RVCR and Streamlining of RVCR Products into its business vertical would require managing the technology and product lifecycles. Other factors like inventory, logistics and warranties etc. must be considered at the planning stage. This is necessary to evaluate and mitigate any risk and not to be left for latter stage, unless there are compulsive reasons, against it.

The Project Execution is essential to derive the projected Value of the business case and is the road map to attaining of the value. The interactive participation of the clients in this process is key to clients training in the processes and a gradual run-up to Mass manufacturing capability and commercial sale.

The Planning is an Elaborate Process and an essential Part of the IP based business for both GYATK and client. Such a commitment from client, or provisioning for such commitment is GYATK’s qualifying criteria for entering into a business engagement.

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