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GYATK Organization Structure and Operations Network

The Organisation structure erected by GYATK India (and its Subsidiary ‘KGYAT’ UK) is customised to suit the rare typicality of ‘RVCR Techno-Commercial endeavour’.

The specialized needs for developing to deliverance of “Technological Know How” and “IP Rights” is carried out by a network of Professional ‘Subject Experts’, and Outsourced Service Providers who are engaged in contractual agreements on differing terms ranging from success fee to pre and post payment arrangements.

The supply/Value chain partners are spread-out globally and the model is to Pool Value from multiple external sources and minimise Capital investments and inhouse operations costs. The network is a flexible structure and a Interest group to ensure that RVCR Technology serves its Purpose.

The networked structure is a dynamic multi-functional group capable to quickly adapting; scaling up; and when required dismantling, shifting its base and re-erecting for executing and achieving the sequential mile-stone goals of the Projects.

To ensure mobility and reduce carbon foot print of the project operations, the knowhow is maintained in soft-form and the hardware is stowed and worked at either clients site or hired premises of partners providing systems integration support.

GYATK’s organisation structure and business operations model is suited to clients needs for cost optimization by use of its existing internal capacities for its customised product needs.

The Organisation Structure

GYATK Apparatus (P) Ltd.


Mr. D Ajee Kamath

The founder Chairman & Managing Director of GYATK and has steered GYATK from a company that started with a single Patent in India, to gaining world-wide lead in Technological Solutions for ‘Green Energy Ecosystem’.

Mr Kamath’s abilities in Subjects of Engineering; Scientific and Mathematical knowledge and aptitude to devise solutions to tedious unresolved design puzzles and to learn business Logic to innovate on the Job to; evolve newer propositions, marks the relentless pursuit of leading GYATK from a garage based seemingly overambitious start-up, in India, in the niche business of Prime- Mover Design, (which remains within the domain of few western world companies, owing to demands of high end engineering resource and excellence), to an incumbent prodigy in the 21st century Commercial R&D business landscape, delivering technological products with features that remained elusive for a century despite pursued by almost all engine majors world-wide, namely VCR Multi -fuel Engines, summarises his capabilities.

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The Pilot Product Development is higher order ‘Engineering Systems Design’ innovation and involves project specific ‘Vertical and Lateral’ Design customisation RVCR Technology Modules as is directed and headed by Mr. D. Ajee Kamath.


Mr. Prabhu

Mr. Prabhu, is a Qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary, conferred by ICAI (Institute of CA of India) 1981 and ICSI (Institute of Company Secretary) in 1986, and started his career with UK based company in tea manufacturing and owning tea estates in India and has varied experience in entire spectrum of Corporate functions including Accounts, finance, legal, HR, secretarial functions.

He worked in various organisation including Pierce leslie India Limited and is currently director Finance and compliance head at ACCEL group of companies having a turnover of 50 Million Pounds and 3000. employees. He has successfully handled various mergers and acquisitions; Initial Public offers and stock exchange compliances and expertise in Direct and Indirect taxations handling various litigations for the ACCEL Group companies.

Mr. Prabhu is involved in GYATK’s, Financial Structuring Strategy; Audits; Accounts and Taxation.


Mr. Rajendra Mishra

The Business Operations at GYATK during its initial years was strategized and executed with from Expert Pool contributing time and expertise (Coordinated by Mr. Bitty John). (IP and technology licensing of Prime-Mover Technology required long time engagements and very limited in and the incubation periods extend over years).

Mr. Rajendra Mishra: A BE Mechanical for NIT Suratkal, now coordinates the Business operations. He is an accomplished business leader with an established track record in P&L delivery/responsibility across ‘Product/Solutions’ & ‘Services Value Chain’ of T&D in Power sector, at various of stages of business, ranging from start up, growth and turn-around. He began his career in Sales & Marketing, and later held responsibility in Operations, Strategy, Global business Alliances etc. and brings value from his business acumen, experience and industry network.

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Project Management head

Mr. P.I. Bitty John

A bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from NIT Durgapur is associated with the project since its initial days as a member of the GYATK Expert Pool. He is experienced in a wide range of Engineering projects involving range of engineering disciplines. He led Business Development initiatives, Business Plans, developing marketing strategies and Client meetings, PQ/RFQ, Cost estimates, Schedule and planning, Technical and Commercial Proposals and Presentations.

He is skilled in Project Management activities encompassing Project planning, Estimation, Monitoring and Control of Budget and timelines, Resource planning and forecast, Client interaction, Effective communication, change request management, Project reviews and Delivery. He brings in years of experience in Project Management and Business operations.

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Project Operations Head

Mr. Pankaj Bid

A bachelor’s in Metallurgical Engineering from NIT Nagpur and master’s in Metallurgy from IIT Kanpur and heads the technical and Design operations in Virtual Analysis and Manufacturing.

He is experienced in design analysis process of compressors, large structures, alternative materials and has hands on experience in computational tools like Pro/E, Femap, MSC Nastran, Ansys WB, Ansys Fluent, CFX, Gambit & Fe-safe.

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Project Operations Head

Mrs. Gopika Sanjeeva Rao

A BSc, LLB and MBA, Mrs. Gopika is the founding partner of ‘GYATK RVCR Apparatus P Ltd’. She coordination in Legal and Patenting process, National and International Statutory Compliances, and Annual Company/Tax Filings.

Mrs. Gopika also coordinates for administrative responsibly of; HR related Operations; Office Documentation; and Logistics.



Mr. D Ajee Kamath.

Innovation Manager

Christopher Hastings (MBA)

Is based out of Austin Texas, USA and has more than a decade of experience in innovation management and commercialisation. Starting out working for accenture he now runs his own consulting group (Hasting Consulting Group).

He has cconducted market viability assessment for a cutting edge automotive technology with interviews of executives at the Department of Energy, Volvo Trucks and Cummins. Developed a strategic business case for the merger of three companies to create a vertically integrated bio-waste product company with a combined market value of over $54 MM USD. Conducted in-depth market and innovation research in the short-term loan industry for a multiple #1 NY Times best-selling author.

Christopher got associated with RVCR Endeavour in 2013 and is member of the Expert Pool and is key contact for GYATK’s Expansion Plans in USA and UK.

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Business Finance Professional

Mrs. Sweta Dantaluri

Sweta got associated with RVCR Endeavour in 2013 and is member of the Expert Pool and is now involved in KGYAT’s Business operations and expansion plans in UK.

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Network of Contractual Partners and Service Providers.

  • Legal Operations (Out sourced)
    Athreya Associates
  • IP Operations (Out sourced)
    Chadha & Chadha Foreign Law firms/Patent Agents
  • Standardisation (ISO) Operations. (Out sourced)
    Transcendent Quality Control P Ltd.
  • Media-Partners (Out sourced)
    Tetrixs Technologies

    Infisoft Technologies

    Mr. Lalit Bhatt
  • Projects Technical Function Groups
    • Core Design & DFMA
      Inhouse Technical Team
    • PLM & Documentation
      Consulting Partners Flexure India Ltd.
    • Virtual Engineering
      • Computer Aided Design
        The ‘Virtual Modelling’, ‘Assembly Development’ and ‘Animations’ were carried out inhouse Technical Team
      • Computer Aided Analysis
        MBD (Multi Body Dynamics); FEA (Finite Element Analysis, Structural & Thermal), Computational Fluid Dynamics; Thermal and Combustion Analysis.

        During Initial Technology Development stages these design process analysis activities were carried out by outsourcing to Net-work Partners ‘Intercad Systems Pvt Ltd’

        Later stage GYATK’s Licensee’s Captive Resource was utilized: - New Partners Networked is Developed for the Future Project Activities are :
        ARAI :
        IDAC - Integrated Design & Analysis Consultants Ltd

  • GD&T

    The activities related to GD&T derivation and allocation is carried out by Inhouse Technical Team trained for the job

  • Manufacture

    During Initial Technology Development stage, the manufacturing activities were carried out by outsourcing to Net-work Partners (Trans Techno; Libra Engineering; Kochi Casting; New India P Ltd; Hydro-tech Industries; Indosys Technologies)

    New Network Partners :

  • Support Engineering services

    Assembly & Mating, QC & Inspection (The activities related to these heads are carried out by Inhouse Technical Team trained for the job)

    Accessory Systems (The activities related to these heads are carried out by Inhouse Technical Team trained for the job)

    Testing & Tuning (The activities related to these heads are carried out by Inhouse Technical Team trained for the job)

  • Trials & Validation

    The Trials activities are planned to be outsourced to contractual Partners

    ARAI India

    A&M UK
    (contracting Party for Project proposal submitted for Phase 1 SME Instrument under the Horizon 2020 Scheme.)

Advisors and Mentors

Various Experts Professionals and Senior official’s from industry, Government and Media have guided and mentored GYATK

  • Dr A S Rao, Former Adviser in Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India is currently working as Adviser/ Consultant / Board Member of selected organisations- Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) , Foundation for MSME Clusters, MobME Wireless Solutions (P) ltd, SkyQuest Technology Group.
  • Mr. P H Kurian, Former, IAS Controller general of Patents (Mumbai); Former Industry Secretary, Kerala; MD Kerala State industrial development Corporation; Secretary, Revenue and Disaster Management Housing Ports Environment
  • Mr. George Geojit-Managing Director Geojit Finance, BNP Paribas
  • Mr. Deepak Shetty, Former Director General OF Shipping Mumbai.
  • Mr. Ramchandra (CA, Deloitte Haskins)
  • Jim Vance, Program Manager, Global Technology Commercialization, IC2 Institute of The University of Texas at Austin.