Technology Assessment Services

We assist you through the entire process for adopting RVCR technology products to help you attain ‘Zero Carbon’ objectives.

Technology Assessment Services

We assist you through the entire process for adopting RVCR technology products to help you attain ‘Zero Carbon’ objectives.


New Technology acquisition & streamlining it into mainstream business is a complex and demanding process. At GYATK, we understand the difficulties of new technology acquisition and its assimilation into existing business structure.
To help clients with this demanding challenge we have devised flexible mechanisms for joint assessments & evaluations for RVCR Product We offer multiple options for you to decide the best suited adoption methodology.

Technology business case analysis (Product value analysis)

Any new technology acquisition starts with a business case built on assessment of technology suitability for your Product Range. we help you evaluate the value gain from RVCR technology with interactive assistance to your management / technical teams.
The business case analyses both tangible as well as intangible gains. The stage-wise assessment modules are listed below.

Preliminary Assessment

Preliminary assessment

It starts with high level overview of a particular application The implications are evaluated in its entirety and include its technological, financial, economic, social, environmental and the perceptual value (under the heads listed below) and finer details are worked downwards

High Level Business Case Assessment

Design planning & Virtual engineering

Detailed Assessment

Detailed Assessment

Product Development

The product development is an high end engineering expertise. We take you thru the entire
RVCR Product Development project process

  • Design & FMEA process need.
    • Specification Determination Requirement
    • Design of Form & function; Critical Technologies Integration
    • Accessories Systems Customization; Systems Integration & parameterization
    • Virtual Modelling, Assembly & Animation
  • Simulation, Analysis requirement (MBD, FEA-structural, FEA-Thermal, CFD)
  • Rapid Prototyping (Scaled down models)
  • Design process for Manufacturing.
    • Component Drafting and GD&T ; Tolerance Derivation; Allocations; Stack-up Analysis
  • Manufacture Process Needs :
    • Mfg. planning & scheme development
    • Machinery & Tooling
  • Assembly Procedure Mechanization.
  • Inspection & QC & Calibration
  • Standardized Stowaging Handling Consumables Installation, Logistics, Warranties. IT Support
  • Tuning & Design Verification
    • Trials and Regulatory Validation need
  • Product Grounding & Validation.

Physical Engineering

Prototyping / Pilot Product development

  • Component manufacture and Assembly
  • Inspection and QC
  • mating and assembly
  • Sub assembly Calibration and Functional Integrity check
  • Assembly realization
  • Acc Systems integration
  • Assembly creation
  • Testing and Trials
  • Test bed performance
  • Design accuracy confirmation
  • Validation and certification
  • Product suiting
  • installation suiting
  • Product tuning
  • Performance validation

Commercial aspects

  • Standardized Stowaging Handling Consumables and Time motion optimization.
  • Installation, Logistics, Warranties.
  • IT Support
  • Performance Validation
  • Regulatory Compliances
  • Product Certification
  • Grounding Sense check
  • Statutory Publications.

Project Cost Evaluation

We evaluate its cost and other resource requirement.

Product Development planning and management


The RVCR concept is an invention in the field of kinematic mechanism that seeds a new breed of highly energy efficient machines with possibilities of newer functionalities to effectively deal with 21st century market drivers.