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Through our journey since 2005, various organizations, institutions, individuals, Companies have associated with this scientific endeavor to make it a success & to reach where we are today. We thank one & all.

Though RVCR technology being a disruptive technology and is progressing towards a commercial product requiring long term capital investments and product market grounding sense check, yet it has had successes in finding licensee and the customer’s confidence associate with Gyatk’s endeavor. This is is a projection of RVCR technology promise and confidence on Gyatk’s capability to deliver a commercially viable end-product

Our agreements with our Clientele involve I.P Right and are subject to the dictating confidentiality terms of such contractual agreements. The requirements of details about our clientele will surely be answered subject to the need and context of the query. We shall promptly communicate about discretionary / eligibility requirements for disclosing information towards such queries.

The end-product development contract being the most strenuous, demanding and such expertise being exclusive to few select western world companies, being awarded to Gyatk, speaks of customer confidence in Gyatk’s in-house engineering excellence which is at par with the best in the field.