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Pioneering the Break-Through RVCR innovation

Developing RVCR Technology Prime-Movers
Offering RVCR Technology & IPR Licences

RVCR is a Break-through Machine Mechanism (Kinematics) based on a novel concept patented by an Indian Inventor and Engineer ‘Das Ajee Kamath’. RVCR enables evolutionary leap in Prime-Mover Capabilities for a smooth transition from fossil fuel to a green ecosystem and to initiate reversal of global warming to repair the damage caused by the previous generation Prime-Movers.

Today’s Prime-Movers (wind turbines, Hydro Turbines, I.C. Engines) are saturated at their peak efficiencies by incremental improvement for over a century. RVCR is the next Progressive advancement in Machine system that makes Variable compression & Expansion ratios viable and deliver quantum leap in efficiency, performance and features.

RVCR Technology outputs new breed of next gen Prime Movers for Energy & transport Sector , which allows multi-fuel compatibility in I.C. engines for real time switching from fossil fuel to green fuels. RVCR Positive Displacement Wind and Hydro/Tidal/wave Power Generators, Lower the levelized cost of Renewable Energy for smooth transition from fossil fuel to a Greener Energy/Industry Ecosystem.

Our Proposition
Get Future ready with RVCR Technology

We Undertake

RVCR Pilot Product Projects

  • RVCR Slow Speed I.C. Engines
  • RVCR Wind Power Generator
  • RVCR Hydro/Tidal Motors
We Offer

RVCR technology and D&D Services

  • I.P. Rights of RVCR Technology License
  • Engineering Research & Design Services
  • RVCR pilot Product Project Management
We Seek

Strategic Partners for commercialization

  • Investments
  • Partners in Prime Mover Industry Verticals
  • Business & Technical Professionals
GYATK owns the Global IPR of RVCR technology


RVCR delivers superior prime-movers, in terms of cost, utility, features, efficiency and carbon foot print, adaptive to both fossil fuel and green fuel, hence critical for unhooking from Fossil-fuel dependency. Our focus area:

  • Global I.P.R of RVCR and its upgrades
  • RVCR Technology know-how development
  • Pilot RVCR Product development Project capability
  • IPR and RVCR Product development contract Package for Clients

We are seeking investors and Industry partners for our endeavour to integrate RVCR Prime-Movers into industry main stream and leap frog conventional technologies using superior physics of RVCR to reshape the energy/transport sector technological landscape